THIS—IS—VU is a creative studio founded by German Designer Simone FEHLINGER, whose work combines conceptual approach, emotion and intuition. THIS—IS—VU develops Corporate Design Concepts in Digital and Print Media.


Simone created THIS—IS—VU as a place of collaboration. Depending on the project, she works with a network of other Designers, Producers, Sound Designers, Programmers, Photographers and Illustrators based in France and Germany.


Simone works on personal visual art projects and was one of the winners of the video competition Beyond The Wall at Hyères 2012, International Fashion & Photography Festival. You can find more personal projects on simonefehlinger.com.


Since 2015, Simone is shaping her profile as a Design-Researcher questioning the performativity of Design (as form and method) in our contemporary visual culture.

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